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Disability Fact Sheet - Autism Classroom Strategies

Disability Fact Sheet - Autism Classroom Strategies This might seem completley random, however, an idea just clicked, that the theme of my window could be a factfile, called 'label the parts'-- like the sheets you have to fill in when you're at school. and of course my store is called 'Parts' so it has a clever link to the store.

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I made these Class cards that are a little bit bigger than the size of an index card and placed a couple of useful visuals on them to use for students with Autism.

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PRINT THIS FOR NEXT FAMILY GET TOGETHER!!!!: high functioning autism characteristics

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Thursday 8th November – squabbles blooming squabbles

This perfectly describes what a student with autism would feel in a normal classroom.

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Has trouble understanding other people's feelings, Only talks about themselves and their interests and having Narrow Interests are myths of Asperger's

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I thought this would be a good resource to for teachers I would be learning alongside or even a resource for parents as well.

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Autistic Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disability where there is a triad of impairments; social communication, social interaction and social imagination. Autism is called a spectrum as, although all individuals will suffer from difficulties in three main areas, their condition will affect them in very different ways. No two people with ASD will have the same difficulties. Asperger’s Syndrome is on the Autistic Spectrum.

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