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Corbyn: Cameron is failing in his duty as a human being over inadequate response to refugee crisis

'Britain has granted asylum to less than 300 Syrian refugees since the start of 2014 - an embarrassing number compared to Germany, where up to 800,000 refugees are expected to be registered this year alone .. "The government's response to the refugee crisis has been wholly inadequate, and we are being shamed by our European neighbours. It is our duty under UN law, but also as human beings, to offer a place of safety, and play a role internationally to share our responsibilities ..

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Have you donated to UNHCR? Here's how we put your contributions to work, saving lives around the world! Click the image to learn more.

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Make your voice heard: Sign The Independent's petition to welcome refugees - Editorials - Voices - The Independent

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LOST 분쟁지역이든 난민지역이든 대부분 아이들이 많다고 한다. 이유는 스무살 남짓의 성인이 되면 이미 집단의 우두머리이고 금새 타겟이 되어 사라진다는 것이다. 그리고 반복되고 있다고 한다. 최근 난민기구에 기부를 했던 사람에게 들은 내용이다. #유엔난민기구 #난민 #구호 #기부 #관심 #드로잉 #일러스트 #스케치 #두들 #un #refugee #help #save #child #unicef #unhcr #doodle #sketch #illustration #drawing

Aboard an overloaded ship carrying more than 500 refugees, a young woman becomes an unlikely hero. This single, powerful story, told by Melissa Fleming of the UN's refugee agency, gives a human face to the sheer numbers of human beings trying to escape to better lives ... as the refugee ships keep coming ...

Lesson Modules from the UN Refugee Agency to help teachers introduce refugee issues into the curriculum in different subject areas: Art, Geography, History, Language and Literature, Civic Education, and Human Rights.

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UN refugee chief warns of worrying ‘climate of xenophobia’ in Europe 06.19.16 The UN's refugee chief says a worrying "climate of xenophobia" has taken hold in Europe as the continent struggles with the biggest influx of migrants since World War II.

Today's refugee crisis is the biggest since World War II, and it's growing. When this talk was given, 50 million people had been forcefully displaced from their homes by conflict and war; now, a year later, the number is 60 million. There were 3 million Syrian refugees in 2014; now there are 4 million. Inside this overwhelming crisis are the individual human stories -- of care, growth and family, in the face of lost education, lost home, lost future. Melissa Fleming of the UN's refugee…