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Brexit, Trump and the Ultimatum Game

One of the most interesting experiments in economics is known as the ultimatum game. It deftly gets at a fundamental truth of human nature…

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Chimpanzees successfully play the Ultimatum Game: Apes' sense of fairness confirmed

Researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University, are the first to show chimpanzees possess a sense of fairness that has previously been attributed as uniquely human.

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The Ultimatum Game: What Primates Can Teach Us About Inequality

The ultimatum game is the ultimate test of fairness, and chimpanzees passed the test by going for the fair options.

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20 Wedding Photos You Need To Capture On Your Big Day

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Rajoy, la investidura y el dilema del ‘Ultimatum game’

Rajoy, la investidura y el dilema del 'Ultimatum game'

Researchers found that Americans perceive the line with the ends feathered outward (B) as being longer than the line with the arrow tips (A). San foragers of the Kalahari did not.

According to renowned economist Paul Romer, charter cities can create positive externalities. On the other hand, there is a puzzle known as ‘ultimatum game’ in economics. The gist of the puzzle is that in some cases, people tend to think more about how the other would benefit rather than thinking about their own benefits in …

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