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A brief history of the European Union. #Infography

A brief history of the European Union. #Infography

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Europe Needs a Common Immigration Policy

Europe Needs a Common Immigration Policy "This policy must end the exploitation of the immigrant communities and should promote the facilitation of the integration of these communities. This will benefit both communities; the migrants will be safe from exploitation and the native workers will not face unfair competition, when employers prefer hiring migrant workers with lower wages and no social security."


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"And I will violate any or every US or international law to protect the security of global corporate interests, so help me God." Thanks for sharing, Avery! [click on this image to find a video excerpt that links our government policy to wall street interests]

David Cameron talks the talk about cleaning up international finance. Yet some of the biggest havens of dirty money are British territories and London property• Corbyn says UK should impose direct rule on tax havens• Five things Britain could do now to clean up tax havens• What are the Panama Papers?


Austerity is far more than just cuts. It’s about privatising everything we own. Desperate for short-term cash, George Osborne is causing long-term damage by selling off Britain’s most prized assets. ‘Everything must go’ is now public policy


The UN declares the UK’s austerity policies in breach of international human rights obligations

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Theresa May's plan to slash employment rights and cut workers' wages revealed

Thatcher 2.0. Mrs May made George Freeman MP her new policy guru last week, and he believes people working in new firms should have NO employment rights

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Immigration: May rejects points-based system for EU nationals

Theresa May has rejected a points-based system for controlling EU migration, one of the key promises of Leave campaigners during the referendum. Speaking in China, the PM denied she had "gone soft" on migration and said people backed Brexit because they wanted "an element of control". A points-based model would not let the government control arrivals, she said. Ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage said many people had voted Leave for the policy, backed by Boris Johnson among others. - 05/09/2016

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Secret ‘internal reviews’ show clear link between Tory welfare ‘reforms’ and suicides

tory cuts