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"A potbellied man...voice squeaking a bit."(12.180) Hazel was sure shocked to see the real appearance of Peter Van Houten. She imagined a much different and respectful looking man since his book is her idol. The fact that this man she was staring at was the man behind the book that made her feel understood, boggled her. She feels let down since she has waited such a long time and now her dream is finally coming true and she sees this man who fails to comply with her imagination of Peter V.H.

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Munster chic: Was this men's fashion show inspired by classic TV series?

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ugly men pictures | Jerry just wanted to be able to take a dump in the woods in peace.

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ugly men | ... Tuesday WOD then you can wear your ugly stuff to the Wednesday WOD

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ugly men | » Ugly Men for my cousin Karen u love him

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Now here is a man that clearly has exquisite tastes! A man who curls his moustache into the classic handle bar style, doth a classic man make. He would fight a duel for you! He would shower you with gifts and fine meals! A true gent!

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