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Ufc Last Night

Are you ready for this weekend's fights?! Conor McGregor sure is! #UFC #MMA - uploaded by #MMAStop

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MGM Grand - Attended a friend's wedding in Las Vegas and stayed at this luxurious hotel. Cannot forget the beautiful tigers that are housed there.

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Yin and Yang represents opposites. Cold -hot, hard-soft, night-day... you must have both in order to maintain harmony. One can never exist without the other.

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Green with envy! The Kung-Fu frog who's desperate to take after martial arts great Bruce Lee

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This quote really got to me yesterday during the movie #creed. It is true not only in #boxing but in #life. Great movie!! My brother taught me a simple phrase "5 to survive!" The first 5 minutes are always the hardest. Whether its first 5 minutes of waking up first 5 minutes on a run first 5 minutes of a difficult conversation.. whatever it is all you have to do is get past the first 5 minutes. (It's not always 5 minutes.. it could be longer or it could be shorter.. just remember 5 to…

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Bella Hadid Nails the Ultimate Post-Breakup Look

Bella Hadid’s post-breakup look at the UFC fight in New York.

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