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Animal photos of the week: 14 February 2014

A aptly-nicknamed Snow Monkey endures the cold under snow fall at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo

Pictures of the day: 6 July 2012

Seven-year-old female giant panda Shin Shin cuddles her newborn baby at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo. The cub was born on Thursday but the baby's gender is not yet known.

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Детеныш карликового гиппопотама купается в зоопарке «Ueno Zoo» в Токио.

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Bear Attacks May Rise as Nut Harvest Falls

Hokkaido brown bear twin cubs play in the water at Tokyo’s Ueno zoo. Associated Press

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Wildlife snapshots

A Japanese macaque eats cherry blossoms at Tokyo's Ueno zoo, on April 2. The zoo placed a cherry tree into the macaques habitat as the buds and flowers are some of their favorite foods

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The Guinea Pigs of Ueno Zoo in Tokyo Rush Home When They Hear the Dinner Bell Ringing

?????( '?' )? ???? October 2015 The adorable guinea pigs of the Ueno Children’s Zoo in Tokyo, Japan know that it’s time to r…

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