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Itachi Uciha & Sasuke Uchiha. Awww... Sasuke's such a sweet little brother and Itachi is always adorable~ :3

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uchiha sasuke /

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We share the same zodiac, now HAVE MY BABIES~ *sophisticated cough* I mean, please have my children. -Chloe-chan

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Sasuke. Leaning and looking bad-ass just like that. Am I the only one that had an anime childhood crush..anyone?

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シア❄️次2月ブリデ on

Artist: ryugo | Naruto | Uchiha Itachi | Uchiha Izuna | Uchiha Kagami | Uchiha Madara | Uchiha Obito | Uchiha Sasuke | Uchiha Shisui

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