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Book Uber Cab Without Installing App On Your Mobile Phone- Yes It Really Is Uber is making it easier for more people in India to book cabs on its mobile browser. book a cab without downloading the app is now available in India user can book a cab by visiting website on their phone. They do not have to create an Uber account to book a cab only requires your phone number for authentication. payment in cash at the end of the trip. book uber without app what is uber ride using…

Uber Taxi App Is Now Tracking Where You Go After Your Ride Is Finished

Uber has an online version of their Brand Guidelines. It's accessible by anyone and is a great resource for inspiration and reference. #identity #logotype


Uber Taxi | Uber driver | Uber Cab App login @

Do You Like Uber Taxi Apps And Using It? Then You Should Know Thats It’s Not The Only One Out There. So Its Time To Meet The Uber Taxi…


Is It Time To Switch To Lyft?

Is It Time To Switch To Lyft? #refinery29

The Uber taxi app is upsetting London cabs and some Android users thanks to location issues. Have you used the Uber app and if so, is it problem-free for you? Personally, we think it's making it much easier for people to get a taxi and teething issues will likely be ironed out in the next update.