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Ever wondered how decorators and wall coating contractors make painting render look easy? Our painting expert shares a few tips with you to help your decorating


Music, 1895. Oil on canvas, 37cm × 44.5cm. Klimt. Allegoric representation of Music, which Klimt painted several times in various renderings. Besides the lyre, symbol of music, this particular canvas emphasises the sphinx (alluding to artistic freedom), the Silenus mask on the extreme left, the lion's teeth at the centre (a metaphor of the spread of new ideas) and finally the woman's meditative face.


Instead of painting pebbledashed walls yourself, why not try our special wall coatings. Ideal for pebbledash, spar dash and tyrolean


A guide to Painting pebbledash, render and Tyrolean masonry walls. The famous guide, by NEVER PAINT AGAIN UK