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The founding fathers knew what they were talking about! Why do you think they say "if you don't know history then you are doomed to repeat it"? Think about what all those old saying mean! They were gifts from out ancestors!! History DOES repeat itself but an educated patriot can keep a watchful eye on his republic and protect it, Many will try to corrupt and steal it!!


And I DEMAND a referendum on the referendum referendum ! The former Tory Prime Minister warned against the "tyranny of the majority" dictating the terms of the deal

Obama Refuses to Condemn Anti-Trump Riots, Violence Against Trump Supporters -

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David Ryan on

Goes for any person holding a semblance of power and sells out to someone/corporate body who wants to advance an agenda against a majority or minority


Progressive Socialism is Communism enacted gradually to give people the time they need to believe the lies they are being feed little by little. End result same.