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Whereas back then I wrote about the tyranny of the majority, today I'd combine that with the tyranny of the minorities. These days, you have to be careful of both. (Ray Bradbury) #quotes #quote #quotations #RayBradbury

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Tyranny of the majority - Wikipedia

Rousseau’s theory of the General Will is framed by his wider Social Contract theory of governance. Here, the individual must deny themselves notions of absolute freedom and ‘rights’ if these are not in accordance with the ‘general will’. Interpreted...

Tyranny of the majority. An important concept to understand in U.S. government.

Alexis de Tocqueville's Predictions Were Spot On

De Toqueville on the the tyranny of the majority, causing demise of morality & true art, and thus bringing in increasing oppression by the ruling class.

Alexis de Tocqueville's Predictions Were Spot On

Born 210 Years Ago, Tocqueville Predicted the Tyranny of the Majority in Our Modern World

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Hamilton: The scenarios in which tyranny perception occurs are very specific, involves a sort of distortion of democracy preconditions: Centralisation excess: when the centralised power of a federation make a decision that should be local, breaking with the commitment to the subsidiarity principle.[3] Typical solutions, in this condition, are concurrent majority and supermajority rules. Abandonment of rationality: when, ...

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