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Klaus Rinke: Time, Space, Body, Transformations

Klaus Rinke is a German artist who explored several artistic means (painting, sculpture) before concentrating on body art. He especially used the movement of the body, captured through performance and photographs, as a means to express the passing of time. The theme of the clock itself...

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Fonts & Conversion Optimization: Everything You Need To Know

I find it so interesting that typography can say so much about a brand. Instead of stating that a brand is, for example, progressive, they can just use a font that communicates that message.

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ISFP- Being told to live in a certain way, lack of freedom, meanness, being artistically stifled

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I don't always want to be right, but I realize there are sometimes things I just can't change, because they just don't involve me; meaning I just see the picture, quicker. So telling you, means I wanted you to see it also.

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MBTI Cognitive Functions: Ne & Ni

All 16 MBTI types and their functions. It's not about the 4 letters in your type, it's about the order of the functions in your type. INTJ does *not* mean "introverted intuitive thinker and judger."

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