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The four main types of Medieval timber-framed house found in the Midlands: A) a cruck truss; B) a box-framed truss; C) an aisled truss; D) a base-cruck truss in which the cruck blades rise to a tie beam and does not form part of the roof. Drawing by Bob Meeson


I love everything about the exterior on this, the colours, the spacing between the top of the upstairs window and the roof, the 'hat' type roof, the nice large front door, the plants etc. :D Great look for an English house :D


Moisture—whether from rain or sea spray— UV rays, temperature changes, and pesky insects work in concert to impact how long a piece of wood can last outdoors. These gate-makers from Britain have a handy chart to help determine which wood to use. (Note: this is NOT a chart of the woods' hardness).