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16 Types Of Facebook Users  #Infographic #Facebook #SocialMedia

16 Types Of Facebook Users #Infographic #Facebook #SocialMedia


A pre-flight CT scan of a NASA A7L spacesuit, the type of suit worn during the Apollo missions. These scans were apparently taken to ensure that there were no pins or needle points accidentally left in the apparel that could puncture the pressure suite.


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V4AInside represents a technological and organizational innovation in the process of collecting and processing data related to accessibility, through the use of advanced technologies.The device, according to the type of structure to be verified, prepare the appropriate cards guided and a simultaneous collection of multimedia data (photos, movies, vector drawings), physical characteristics (slopes, dimensions, obstacles, etc.). The system and will be directly to monitor all the activity!

Here is a great chart for use with colleagues and/or students, providing some great learning tips.



Minimally Invasive spine surgery is a type of spine surgery that is done using advanced technology and specialized tools that enables patients to recover faster.


Armor on the female body is common in fashion depictions of the future. Representations of a shield to protect a woman from the attacks of the enemies. An independent woman of the future has the capability to be her own superheroin.


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