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North Star Rescue's Guide to Pet Rat Cages has tips on space requirements, safety, and includes a break down of some of the best rat cages on the market and what types of rats they are best for.

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The Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. One of the most art deco cars ever created. Ralph Lauren has one of these...

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Things you might/might not know about your cute pet rodentia. Hamsters shouldn't be given almonds as they contain cyanic acid. Hamsters are not nocturnal but crepuscular, they are active in twilight. An escaped hamster can be difficult to find.

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What It's Like To Be Single, According To Cute Rats

…because you know you’re super cute! | What It's Like To Be Single, According To Cute Rats

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Normal people shopping: well, that's a useless piece of crap! Me shopping:...I wonder if my rats would like that...

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Animal photos of the week: 27 June 2014

An orphaned baby wombat chomps on a carrot while being cared for by keepers at Wild Life Sydney Zoo, Australia

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