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The victory in Pretoria is a victory not only for girls in South Africa, but for every black person, because the policing of black hair is never just about hair. It’s a whitewashing of blackness in professional and educational environments. Policing our hair is a type of racism that hides in company handbooks and school codes of conduct.

This quote illustrates that everybody is happy the way they are, and there is peace everywhere when in fact there isn't. Accepting that one's race should be continuously oppressed is unjust because by denying there is no racism, actions or behaviour happening around you is considered normal.

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Who is Jeremy Corbyn? Profile of Labour's most left-wing leadership hopeful

di Sergio Mauri Con Tsipras molti di noi non hanno resistito alla tentazione di gridare alla rivoluzione. E' naturale, umano. Dopotutto, da quanto tempo non si vinceva? Oggi, poi, si continua a vin...


It's important to know what types of bullying/inappropriate behaviors exist to try to prevent or avoid them.


I think it should be just be "People to avoid" and list all things because all these things are repulsive regardless of gender.


Africans did NOT sell their own people into slavery. My country Ghana was a major Slave Trading Post. I was shocked to read so many people believe Africans sold their own brothers and sisters into slavery. There were 2 types of slave trading in Africa. Arab traders Trans-Saharan and Europeans Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Criminals condemned to death in various societies for being "Un-African" helped "white strangers" get slaves as servants. Whites turned the criminals into monsters with…


I chose this Pin for my board because I think it is a great Quote. To me this quote means that if you believe that racism is no longer going on in our world you're racist. Racism is still a huge topic in today's society so the fact that you don't think it exists means that you yourself are very close minded or racist.


hands down one of the best segments The Daily Show has ever done. two groups, one white, one black were interviewed by two DS reporters. white privilege comes through strong and clear in the group Jessica interviews.