The Face of Depression ---- The face of depression looks no different than any other face. Depression and other mental illnesses affect more than 10% of the population.

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American Pit Bull Terrier dog art portraits, photographs, information and just plain fun. Also see how artist Kline draws his dog art from only words at #drawDOGS

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Pit Bull and baby love....My caption: I am NOT saying leave a bay nor small kid with ANY type of dog unattended. But pit bulls r just as sweet, when never trained to be aggressive, as any other dog -Mari

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CODE RED!! He has until FRIDAY 1/27 at 5pm to find a FOSTER and RESCUE of he will be Euthanized PTS! #A4980062 My name is FREDDY I'm an approximately 1 yo male Pit Bull. I am not yet neutered. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 8/4. You can visit me at my temporary home at C240. RESCUE ONLY Carson Shelter, 216 Victoria Street, Gardena, CA

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Did you know that there are several types of pitbulls? And that the term pit bull does not refer to a single breed of dog?

Without registration papers or DNA testing, it may be impossible to confirm the type of pit bull you have. Though you can take an educated guess, it's hard for the layman to be certain of his breed. The fact is, "pit bull" is a common term referring to several breeds.

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“Can you add something about how we promote interspecies acceptance?” —this guy, to the publisher of the dictionary | The Dictionary’s Definition Of “Pit Bull” Is Very Upsetting

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