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Skull octopus art - interesting and inspiring for a horror story? new type of demon?

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Thinking of getting something like this on my right shoulder.. I want a under the sea type of sleave

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Octopus & anchor idea- would be incorporated with nautical compass, forget me nots, state of AK & Hawaiian islands.

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Types of Octopus | the argonaut octopus differs from most other types of octopus

elephant/octopus drawing #art #surrealism by joy Are you looking for one? Join b-uncut, the Art Exchange and find a business !

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The very weirdest theories about the Loch Ness Monster

(Click for Nessie Theories) PREHISTORIC NESSIE THEORY: Nessie may be a Plesiosaur, a type of underwater dinosaur. This theory, which has been around almost since the first sighting, has some aspects that make it believable. Plesiosaurs (specifically the long-necked Elasmosaurs) may have been warm-blooded which would allow one to live in the cold, chilly waters of the Loch Ness. The only problem is: is there enough food in the Loch to feed Nessie if she is a Plesiosaur? Click the image for…

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15 Creative Minimal Logo Design

Very cool how the letters "D" and "G" interlock to make the camera shape. It is simple yet appealing.

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