1. Basket Cases Instead of boring old corner shelves in your bathroom, why not try a set of corner baskets instead? Having them right next to your bathtub or shower like this also gives you quick access to towels, scented oils, bath salts, magazines or whatever else you might use to relax and give yourself …

InterDesign Mildew-Absolutely free PEVA 3 Gauge Shower Liner, Prolonged seventy two x eighty four, Noticeable - Hifow - Unionbeatz - http://howto.hifow.com/interdesign-mildew-absolutely-free-peva-3-gauge-shower-liner-prolonged-seventy-two-x-eighty-four-noticeable-hifow-unionbeatz/

Do-able when it's time for a bath remodel. Bright, fresh and clean shower in white subway tile. no glass doors to clean! Woot!

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“Give me two shower curtains, a hula hoop, and a drill!” I yelled, channeling my inner MacGyver. But under an hour later, we had a DIY Kids’ Canopy Play Tent and my kids went bananas! This isn’t some

Spa Like Bathroom Remodel - by using two shower curtain panels, it makes the room look bigger. Hide one waterproof curtain behind the decorative curtain.

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