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political parties quotes | John Adams On The Two Party System - Prose Before Hos

Fully informed about DNC corruption - therefore, will NOT reward HRC with my vot… Elect Berniecrats!! ‏@BernieCrats1 RT Tehelmin: #ElectionDayIn5Words

Sadly, there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans - they are and have always been, in this together. Everyone in Congress knows what's going on and they have only one objective: To do what is in the best interest of the United States Incorporated, not the American people! Now, you know why the Constitution means NOTHING to them!


Greg Orman: Independents Must Be The Life Raft in a Sinking Two-Party System -


[99] Death Of 2-Party System, Hillary Paying Trolls, Legalization Of Ste...


Fck politics as usual. I'm 54 years old and the I've heard the "now is not the time to stand up to the two party system" my entire life! This is our lives they're playing with! I'm done! #JillnotHill

Jill Stein: The Two-Party System Is Broken

Fuck the Two-Party System. Vote Stein / Baraka 2016! --Green Party


The Two-Party System is Broken

from The Intercept

“The Two-Party System Is the Worst Case Scenario” — An Interview With the Green Party’s Jill Stein

2016-07-29 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein sees little difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.