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Why Will, Jem, & Tessa are so much more than a love triangle is because all of them care for each other soo much.. The romantic and brotherly love is so beautiful.. It makes me hurt!!

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25 Epic Fail GIFs That will Make You Laugh Out Loud (Literally) - #6 Killed Me... LOL

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Twilight 1) This is obviously everyone's reaction to my boyfriend's a vampire 2) no emotion either for the fact that he could eat me 3) my face will not show emotion at all

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AhahahAHAHahahAHAhahAHhahaA..... ahahahahaahhahah ahaha...haha... Hahaha THEIR FACES!!!! baahhaha!!

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I think nobody understands how much I actually love harry potter. People say omg me tooo!! they dont love it half as much as I do.

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