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Pretty Tapered fro.] In the natural hair journey 'hair growth' is always such a major ambition but I wish that I had embraced mine a little longer. :)

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LOC Method ****Did this when I first went natural***** then the 3 step one. Maybe I need to go back. PC

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If you like your hair to have a little more frizz and volume always put your oil before cream! On the on the other hand if you like a more defined curl put your cream before oil! Either way if you're taking care of your hair it will come out amazing! The choice is always yours!

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LOC/LOCS/LOCO/LCO Products to consider on my search for natural, healthy, and/or allergen-free hair products. pinned here by @contemplate

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{Grow Lust Worthy Hair FASTER Naturally} ========================== Go To: ========================== Hot Coily Edge Up!

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