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#SlytherinSunday slightly later today - cos I'm launching my new website & Etsy Christmas Shop!! (Link in bio) Get your best pud a print or Christmas card stocks are limited but I'll be making stuff based on demand (economics ) so send me a message or comment if you'd like to see more

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Harry Potter Tote Bag - Severus Snape - Turn to Page 394 - Alan Rickman - Hogwarts - Book Bag

In honor of the wonderfully talented Alan Rickman, this tote will be on sale for the nest week. Everyone join me in raising their wands. Turn to

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This is why harry isn't in ravenclaw

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Imagine how weird it would sound to Australians!!!!

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Post-Potter Depression can strike at anytime, to anyone who is fully a Potterhead. Are at risk? Do you know how to help those who are suffering? Symptoms: Watching sad YouTube videos of Harry Potter, turning everything into a HP reference and then crying, feeling as though your childhood as ended, calling everyone who say "It's over" a filthy muggle. Treatment: Harry Potter Books 1-7 and Harry Potter movies 1-7 Part 1 and Part 2. For worst cases, please contact 62442 on Page 394.

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That's Hermione Granger alright❤️

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