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Colour Sergeant William McGregor, 1st Battalion Scots Fusilier Guards, July 1856. He was wounded during the Battle at the River Alma on 20th September 1854 and wears both the British Crimea and the Order of the Medjidie Turkish medals.


#Aselsan'ın geliştirdiği Hassas Güdüm Kiti 1 tonluk düz Mk-84 bombalarını akıllı, nokta atışı yapabilecek güdümlü bombalara dönüştürüyor.


Abram Petrovich Hannibal (1696 - 1781). Sold into Turkish slavery, Abram Petrovich Hannibal was brought as a black servant to Czar Peter I, known as Peter the Great. He became one of the royal favorites, a general-in-chief and one of the best educated men in Russia. His great-grandson was Alexander Pushkin, the famous Russian writer who later glorified the deeds of his black ancestor in his book, The Negro of Peter the Great.


A useful overview on what we know about late 15th century Ottoman women's clothes. Description from I searched for this on


@Derinkuvvet Fırat kalkanı/Özel Kuvvet unsurumuz,M110 keskin nişancı silahı ile #suriye #firatkalkani #özelharekat

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Extremely rare Turkish contract Smith & Wesson Russian single action revolver with silver damascened decorations. Late 19th Century