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Maple Glazed Duck Breast

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Terrific Turkey Hunting Game

Ready, aim, fire! Although you won't actually be catching your own turkey to cool on Thanksgiving, you can still have a blast playing the Terrific Turkey Hunting Game. Make sure that you use all of the colors of the rainbow to make each turkey's tail

Turkey Hunt gaming addon

Turkey Hunt

What better game on Thanksgiving then a Turkey Hunt?  I love doing scavenger hunts on holidays and at parties.  They are great for kids of all ages.  Download the game card and pieces here. Happy hunting. Xo, Jenny

Turkey hunting games online are a whole lot of fun. It doesn't matter if a player intends to bag their own bird or they're just planning for the enjoyment.


STICKING TO THE PLAN | MAKING A TURKEY HUNTING GAME PLAN Developing a Turkey Hunting strategy and sticking with it will help you to put more turkeys in the bed of the truck this spring.