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Tunnel Boring Machines. These massive machines are essentially moving factories that cut through the rock, excavate the waste out of the back, and install the concrete shielding, all while pushing itself along like an inchworm.

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'Metal moles' begin work below London

Tokyo subway tunnel boring machine [1280 x 960]

Plumstead portal tunnelling works % Crossrail's fifth tunnelling machine, Sophia, launched in January this year. Our sixth and seventh tunnel boring machines will begin further tunnelling work in Plumstead and Pudding Mill Lane later this year.

THE GALLERY | Tunnel boring machine cutter lifted to surface for repair | Online news | New Civil Engineer

Global & Chinese Tunnel Boring Machine Market 2021 Trend & Forecast Report

Forecast and Trend Analysis on Global and Chinese Tunnel Boring Machine Industry 2016 @ .

Rare early flash photography images of Cornish miners digging for tin in 1890s reveal the perilous conditions in which they toiled

Hard at it: In this frame the miners can be seen boring into the rock. The tin and copper from Cornish mines sold for millions across the na...

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