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Pure Tungsten Rod Unpolished 0.5"(D)X12"(L), 2015 Amazon Top Rated Tungsten #BISS

Tungsten rods : high temperature metal for manipulating glass by dragging, raking, feathering, or swirling the molten glass.

Tungsten Electrodes Tig Welding Rods Tungsten Rods - Buy Tungsten Electrodes Tig Welding Rods Tungsten Rods,300-450mm Length Electrode Welding Rod,Welding Rod 3.15 Mm Product on

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Tungsten rods with evaporated crystals, partially oxidized with colorful tarnish, as well as a 1 cm3 tungsten cube for comparison. Tungsten is a hard, rare metal under standard conditions when uncombined and is found naturally on Earth only in chemical compounds. Its chemical symbol is W, which represents its alternative name, "wolfram". Photo: Alchemist-hp

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Longevity 3/32 in. Lanthanated Tungsten Rods (10-Pack)

lanthanated is probably the most popular substitute for thoriated tungsten. Offering a longer life span than the thoriated tungsten’s, it is a nice a nice alternative. This tungsten can be used

Tungsten Rod + Lathe = Endless River of Fire

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