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Spring Bulb Containers ~ Bulbs can be planted close together, but require different depths of planting (as shown). Bulbs multiply, so they must be replanted in fall.


Allium 'Silverspring'

I've been on the lookout for a white allium for years, but all the ones I've grown seemed a bit murky and grey to me. Until this one - Allium 'Silverspring' has clear white petals around purple centres. I love it.


10 Wonderful and Cheap DIY Idea for Your Garden 3

Autumn is the perfect time to plant spring bulbs. Whether you are lining your garden bed or have a patio garden and want to plant bulbs in containers, remember you can stack bulbs which will delight you this spring with more blooms. - Gardening Love


Tulip Green Wave | Parrot Tulips Bulbs | COLORBLENDS wishlist..... christmas presents early anyone?


Aquilegia alpina or Alpine columbine "Aquilegia alpina is a compact species with small clusters of charming, bonnet-shaped, blue flowers, ideal for adding colour to a rock garden just after the spring bulbs are finished."


10 tulip irene parrot - 35cm late Apr-May An unusual colour combination of soft salmon and orange with buff featherings, remarkable Tulip. The parent is in fact a colour mutant of the red ‘Couleur Cardinal’, whose descendants also include the classical parrot ‘Rococo’ and the double ‘Orange Princess’.