Tuesday morning hours

Washington State University would be able to launch a medical school in Spokane under legislation passed Tuesday in Olympia by the Senate and House Higher Education Committees. The legislation rescinds a restriction, imposed 98 years ago, that the University of Washington would have the only

'Just friends? Alexa Chung and Harry Styles leave the Groucho Club in the early hours of Tuesday morning ' Nooooooooooo! Why the pig nostrilled karaoke brat, Alexa,why? You usually go towards the cool.. why? why? why? *sob* Fingers crossed it ain't so..why would she go for a boy when she could have a man? Hair pinned up nice here.

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Swimming sensation Missy Franklin now has something other 17-year-old girls all over the world will be jealous of: a tweet from Justin Bieber. The teen heartthrob singer wrote about Franklin on Twitter on Tuesday morning, hours after she won her first individual gold medal in the 100-meter backstroke. He tweeted: "heard @FranklinMissy is a fan of mine. now im a fan of hers too. CONGRATS on winning GOLD! #muchlove"

Before dawn, you’ll find the waning crescent moon in the east. The moon will pair up with the star Aldebaran in the morning hours on Tuesday, July 22. This star represents the fiery red eye of the Bull in the constellation Taurus. Will you be able to see Aldebaran’s red color in the moon’s glare? Maybe not on Tuesday morning, but Aldebaran will be there when the moon moves away.

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Surprise: The 34-year-old E! star revealed early on Tuesday morning that she was starting to work out at the very early morning hour of 7 am with brother Rob

Sikh at the Golden Temple: Photo by Photographer Dariusz Klemens - photo.net

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Tuesday Morning is known for bringing a unique treasure hunt of high-end, brand name merchandise at prices well below those of department stores.

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