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Wheel of the Year

Wiccans celebrate several seasonal festivals of the year, which are known as Sabbats; collectively these occasions are often termed the Wheel of the Year. Description from I searched for this on


A lesser known work by Nigel Jackson, from ”The Pillars of Tubal Cain”, Nigel Jackson and Michael Howard


convergence of Judaic and Sumerian history - Tubal Cain descent Eve and Enki; Gilgamesh and Noah from Eve and Adam; Abraham from Ur-Nammu/Ora to Terah and Yawnu; Ham from Tubal-Cain (Ur) to Amenemhet I to Sunusret I to Sobeknefru and Amenhotep; Tiye descent from Isaac; Eochaid I marries Tamar


Legend of the Cryptids - Yang Mansik aka yam8417 - Title: Unknown - Card: Tubal-Cain, Lost General (Last Man)


Sex Magic Ritual Practice in the Mystery Religion School Tradition; A new slant on the term 'Brotherly Love'