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from eBaum's World

20 Of The Best Political Memes From The 2016 Race

F'n weirdo, psychopath. And he has so many ignorant people fooled. How pathetic. Get an education & stop HATING everyone that's not EXACTLY like you. Ignorant, single digit IQ, cousin fuckin' bible thumpin' gun humpin' rednecks. **BARF**

from Odyssey

Hitler's Trump Card

Moments after the polls closed on Super Tuesday with Donald Trump clinching a decisive victory, Atlanta producer Dallas Austin posted an image on his Facebook page likening the GOP presidential hopeful to Nazi dictator Adolf Hilter. MORE: R.E.M.


yeah well today (09/11/16) Donald Trump is president.... I have had this face stuck on me all day


Not to get into politics here or anything, but I think this is funny no matter which candidate you supported.