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#DonaldTrump Success Stories: "I'm the best businessman in the world because I know how to negotiate," says the man who's filed for bankruptcy FOUR times!

from the Guardian

John Malkovich: ‘In relationships, I’ve had an addictive personality’

John Malkovich: ‘In relationships, I’ve had an addictive personality’ | Film | The Guardian

That is still considered a grade A in my book!!! Bring it on. The Reorganization of Debt. Let's work down our -20,001,700,000 in 2017--Thanks x Presidents for seeing the truth after the fact. This one sees it and will reduce it by removing waste, fraud, abuse, and negligence. Amen Brother!!!!

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A Donald Trump presidency? Yikes (Opinion) -

Trump sucks


The debt of the world

Well, frankly at this point. Let's just declare bankruptcy. It should have happened in 2008, let it happen now. And let the 'elites' live like the rest of us... because at the end of the day, that's who the 'banks' are the elites, with their investments, savings and offshore accounts.


Donald Trump has been sued 3,500 times by his business partners, his contractors, his clients, his employees, his banks. Why did they sue? Trump cheated them and didn't pay them. Flat out robbed them.


Donald Trump Not only did one of the most powerful people in the world filed for corporate bankruptcy, he did it 4 times in 18 years, making us wonder about a few things regarding money and power.