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Villains Do It Better: Why This Generation Is Obsessed With The Anti-Hero


That actually does sound pretty offensive when you think about it Our little Peri is savage Space Burrito


Awaken to reality...MY reality. I didn't change who I am morally....... I just woke up and changed my reality that was effecting my morality!!

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What Kind Of Sci-Fi TV Geek Are You?

This is the truest thing ever! Firefly, the brilliant Space-Western TV show of Joss Whedon, got cancelled too soon by Fox Network's fuck-ups, and we still pine for Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite and all the others onboard the Serenity. Really funny and inventive show. Sure, the movie "Serenity" gave us some comfort, but not enough! I still hope Nathan gets his wish of a resurrected "Firefly". Nathan - You're our only hope.