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Tropical Trash And Recycling

A traveller’s palm provides vertical drama in this tight space, bookended by the octopus-like forms of Myers asparagus ferns. Greg transformed the bare [Colorbond](|target="_blank") fence on a tight budget by creating a decorative framework panel from simple garden stakes. Bamboo screening panels were framed with lengths of recycled timber. Photo: Scott Hawkins

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beaches - people all around the world are picking up trash and recycling things off the beach. You can take action in saving our environment!!!!!!!!!!

How to Make a Tropical Bird Tire Planter

A tropical bird planter made from worn tires adds color to your garden and gives you a way to avoid costly tire recycling fees. The bird planter design includes a head, beak and long tail feathers, ... "Island Magic" This piece was made entirely from used & discarded DVDs and their plastic "jewel" cases. The hanging wire on the back is upcycled computer wire. The intent is to create original works of art while diverting non-recyclables from our landfills. #CD #DVD #cases #plastic #art #eco-art #green #upcycled #recycled #media #disc #painting #mosaic #tropical #waves #beach #surf #sky #blue #reuse #creative

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living island made from plastic bottles and trash...this is pretty incredible! click the picture for a video showing this homemade floating island with sustainable, off-the-grid living.

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Mini Gift bags hand made by Sonya Sanchez Arias There’s a saying in Trinidad: “You may leave the islands, but they never leave you.” It’s so true…regardless of where I live, in a warm or cold climate, I’ll always be an Island Girl and I’ll always recycle tropical things to make and decorate my Christmas trees and to wrap my presents. It’s my way of putting a little warmth into all the presents that I give to my friends and family.

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