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Tropical Pet Doors

Door knocker in Albarracin, Spain....


Pet Accessories -- Outdoor Cat Enclosure -- This is the ultimate in an outside cat run complete with pond, waterfall, tunnel and fountain. Absolute luxury living for the cats with fish to watch and tunnels to explore.


How sterilize Driftwood - soak the driftwood in a bathtub full of water for a couple hours. Put the driftwood in the oven, between 250F and 300F, with the oven door either slightly open or closed until it has baked dry, 1-3 hrs depending on how thick the piece is.


Tropical Backyard Koi Pond Designs. Ad Ambiance to your backyard with a DIY Koi pond. Koi fish are great pets and very easy to maintain.


Kupukupu fern and Emerald green ti combined with stepping stones and river rock make this a low maintainace landscape.