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28 Simply Amazing Bohemian Inspired Interior Ideas

In my opinon I think this is the perfect representation of a location associated with transcendentalism. In the forest where you are truly alone, some where where no one can distract you and you can reflect on what truly is important in your life.

20 Tree House Design Ideas to Fill Backyards with Fun


The treehouse in Bali. This is one of the rooms of the monstrosity that is this tree house [I say that in the nicest possible way as all tree houses rock]


Stunning photos show TEN-STORY tree house that makes Swiss Family Robinson looks like amateurs (and the builder says it was commissioned by God)

The world's tallest treehouse, located in Crossville, Tennessee, makes the Swiss Family Robinsons look like a bunch of amateurs


Suzanne Dege’s “Hobbit Treehouse.” Originally built by the legendary natural builder, SunRay Kelley. Located on Orcas Island in Washington State.