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This problem is driving people to see the doctor and take antibiotics, but the reality is that it can be treated without taking any medicine to treat your strep throat. Then you must be thinking now, what is the treatment for strep throat?

The most prone to strep throat, which is a bacterial infection, are children. This infection is caused by the pyogenes bacteria and inflammation and throat pain are the most common symptoms. Antibiotics are the usual treatment for strep throat, however in the following post you’ll learn about natural remedies that treat painful and inflamed throat and fight bacteria. Natural remedies for strep throat: Honey Honey can treat infection, inflammation and pain due to its powerful…

Cure a Sinus Infection! Apple Cider Vinegar helps thin mucus! This tea works wonders! cup of water 1 tbs apple cider vinegar 1 whole clove 1 portion of fresh ginger root (chopped) 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 tbs local honey *boil all together - the cinnamon won't dissolve, but adds great flavour!

I am trying this next time we can!!! The cold wet sock remedy for any upper body complaints (headache, congestion, earache, toothache etc.). My cousin says it works!