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An example of biomechanical causes and treatments for foot blisters according to anatomical location. This is general advice only and should not to be seen as specific advice for your blisters!


3 Powerful Essential Oils for Fever Blisters (& How to Speed Healing)

How to get rid of cold sores? Learn about essential oils and other natural treatments to prevent and treat fever blisters: Includes a great DIY recipe to make your own healing salve for cold sores.

Common Foot Problems & What to do About Them [by Dr. Comfort -- via…

Tips to Prevent and Treat Foot Problems


Tips, tricks and treatments for blisters

Free Compeed Patch Samples Compeed is giving you the opportunity to get a free sample of their corn, blister and cold sore patches. COMPEED Blister is an instant treatment for blisters and prevent new blisters forming while soothing and healing those that already exist


Home Remedies for Dermatitis

Prev post1 of 3Next Dermatitis refers to inflammation of the skin. It can be of different types like contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, etc. Symptoms of dermatitis include inflammation, swelling, itching, burning sensation and redness. Severe dermatitis can also produce blisters, crusting and scaling of skin. Some of the common causes are an allergic reaction, certain


Rowing Blisters 101

Rowing on one of the premier sources of rowing and sculling news, rowing results, rowing information, photos, interviews, and general information about the sport of rowing.

how to treat your foot blister right

How To Treat Your Foot Blister


In Europe, they use COMPEED® Blister Plasters. The granddaddy of all hydrocolloid bandages (they suck the fluid out of your blister without breaking the skin), they are best applied at the first sign of trouble to clean skin (swab with alcohol). They stay on for several days and sort of fall off by themselves. In fact, the adhesive is so strong that you should not try to remove them before they're ready--you could rip open your skin! Available in a staggering variety of shapes and sizes.