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9 DIY home made remedies for relieving Mosquito bites

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Calamine lotion used in the 1950s for sun burn, poison ivy blisters. It is a chalky pink color. Calamine is either a mixture of Zinc Oxide with about 0.5% ferric oxide or a zinc carbonate compound. In a 1992 press release, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that no proof had been submitted showing calamine to be safe for use or effective in treating bug bites, stings & rashes from poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac.

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Mosquito Bite Tips + Treating Mosquito Bites with Clay Paste (Video Tutorial

Swelling associated with mosquito bites are never fun. Treating mosquito bites with a clay paste helps draw the toxins out and soothes the bite. It's kid-approved!

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Calamine Lotion. Loved the feeling of this going on my burnt shoulders but hated the smell.

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A mosquito bite can be irritating – resulting in itchy skin and causing discomfort. This feeling of discomfort is increased when a child has a mosquito bite. While there are plenty of useful commercial products for treating mosquito bites, not

Do Not Kill This Weed! It's One Of The Best Healing Herbs On The Planet (& It's Probably Growing Near You Right Now!)

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Feverfew is great for repelling mosquitoes and other flying biting insects. It is ideal for planting around outdoor seating areas, pathways and close to doorways and windows; for maximum benefit, plant in conjunction with citronella grass and lavender. Bees avoid it; plant it separately from the garden. In addition to its insect repellent qualities, Feverfew also has many medicinal uses. It is historically used to help treat headaches and it also works as a laxative and helps ease bloating.

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