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How to clean and oil a vintage sewing machine Part 1: excellent tutorial, I learned a lot, not the same model as mine, but a heap of general tips. Clear instructions on how to clean and oil a vintage sewing machine. Make sure you watch Part 2 for the end result.

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Identifying Vintage Sewing Machines

If you've inherited an antique sewing machine, how can you identify the model and the mystery parts left in its drawers?

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Custom Fabricated Chair….steampunk, cast iron, sewing machine bases, chrome wheels, motor cycle gears, oak stair tread boards, black rubber tubing….all salvaged items collected to create the chair. The fabrication of the chair is welded, using the ornate cast iron steel from two antique sewing machines, by Singer and Raymond. The seat was salvaged from old Ohio oak stair treads. The treadle acts as a foot rest. The finish is primed base coat with a durable satin enamel top coat The…

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A great tutorial on cleaning sewing machines! This is especially for the old, grimy gear driven models, but info is useful for all non-computerized machines.

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❤✄◡ً✄❤ Manufactured by Gresham & Craven, Manchester, England, during the 1870's, this lockstitch machine is featured here together with its dedicated ultra-rare treadle. -

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Redo It Yourself Inspirations : Treadle Sewing Machine Upcycle

My grandmother had one of these peddle driven sewing machines--and still used it to make quilts when I was young.

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22 Reuse and Recycle Ideas to Create Small Tables with Vintage Sewing Machines

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