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HUNCH PUNCH!!! I can't believe there are actually recipes for this. I remember just adding a bunch of different alcohol, fruit and fruit juices. :)

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You can talk about me, trash my relationship, belittle my character, try to control me, try to ruin my friendships and spread lie upon lie until you're blue in the face. I'm secure in my happiness and my satisfaction with my life. You're vapor. You.dont.matter.

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How to Make Killer Trash Can Punch

How to Make Killer Trash Can Punch (with Pictures) | eHow

Recyclable Fashion. For more information on upcycling contact #recycle #upcycle

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For your next party, instead of mixing each person’s drinks individually, opt for making dynamite trash can punch. Whether you choose to put your punch in a trash can or not, this tasty and affordable punch is sure to please any party-goer. The best part is, this punch can easily be modified based on your …

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Trash Can Punch... Campingggg!!!!! Haha I remember drinking this at my first college party lol

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aw but can you imagine phil coming to ask dan something and then realizing he was asleep and then giggling and taking a photo because i can<<< can you not

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