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Translation Biology

Great interactive website for transcription and translation of DNA to protiens…


Simply put, the cell has DNA-RNA-Protein. Each very complex but work together. Which came first? What are the odds of ending up together in one cell? The body is believed to contain about 100 trillion cells. Chance? or Design? Detailed info on how the amazing design can be found at


Science Matters: Turn Your Students Into a Protein. This site is great. It contains lots of other ideas for science demos and practicals.


Protein Synthesis: We'll go over the steps of transcription and translation and the roles that ribosomes, DNA, and RNA play. Learn how protein is made!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

DNA Transcription & Translation: With Words

Cool translation activity that connects DNA structure to protein structure. Could also open up discussions on mutation.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Cell Organelle Job Application Assignment in English and Spanish

Students show what they know about cells by completing a job application in the point of view of an organelle applying to work in a cell at the company Cells-R-Us.


Protein Synthesis: Step-by-Step students recreate, hands on, what happens during protein synthesis