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Ftm transgender

Me... ("Ftm transgender" by meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring art) More

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We need thousands of stories like this to happen. Millions. Until this becomes the norm and teenagers are not afraid to simply go out to diner with a friend.

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Transgender Couple Make History With Birth of Their First Child -

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Yes!! A fluff story about an assumed straight couple due to our heteronormative society, and then boom! They're gay.

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Transgender teenage lovebirds proudly pose in their swimsuits after both having reassignment surgeries

Young and in love: Transgender teens Arin Andrews, 17, seen posing for a picture with sweetheart Katie Hill, 19, at the Oologah Lake in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Trans problems that are not talked about enough:.....trying to figure out your gender. Having to conform

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Dear Hollywood: I want gay, bi, pan, asexual main characters. I want trans and genderfluid main characters. I want more than heterosexual men.

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