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Sew Your Own Potty Training Pants

Learn how to make your own potty training pants for toddlers with our free sewing tutorial with step by step photo instructions.


Free & Fun Toilet Learning Songs {Potty Songs} for Toddlers

Lots of free, fun YouTube videos with potty songs for toilet learning, toilet training, potty training (or whatever term you use) for toddlers at home or in a toddler program.


DIY cloth training pants!

Make waterproof undies for catching accidents, but still feels like just wearing underwear. This ones for all the mamas!


Training Pants Free Pattern (Work Pray Sew)

I had some time to figure out how to scan my pattern pieces and make it accessible for you all. Remember, this is a 2T and you'll have to adjust if you need bigger or smaller. Make sure to print


Pass Up on the Pull-Ups!!!! 5 Eco-Friendly Training Pants for Kids Learning to Use the Potty

Step by step tutorial to convert normal underwear into "training pants" for potty training your toddler! Only costs about $2.75 per pair (versus $10+ for buying training pants) Leap! ...and the Net Will Appear: Semi DIY Cloth Training Pants TUTORIAL