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THIS. THIS is why I hate Snape so much. Everyone says he's such a tragic hero, but he's NOT. He's a bully, and instead of taking kids under his wing, because he KNOWS what it's like to be bullied, he bullies them more than anyone else. Snape is not a tragic hero. A tragic person, sure. But Snape was never a hero. And Remus Lupin was. Every day.


mine is: Wing Shadow As a child, you were obsessed with aeroplanes and the idea of building your own wings. Unfortunately, as an adult your experiment failed disastrously leading to a near-tragic accident! However, in the wake of the experiment, you've also discovered a strange and wondrous new ability! Your powers give you the ability to fly through the air at near-supersonic speeds! and. You can manipulate and control shadows, using them to hide yourself or even as a mode of transportation

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Titanic stories – Young violinist John Hume a ‘hero’ for playing until the end

La banda de música. Durante el hundimiento, los ocho miembros de la banda, dirigidos por Wallace Hartley, se situaron en el salón de primera clase en un intento por hacer que los pasajeros no perdieran la calma ni la esperanza. Más tarde continuaron tocando en la parte de popa de la cubierta de botes. La banda no dejó de tocar incluso cuando ya era seguro que el buque se hundiría.


None of these characters are evil.... they are tragic, and most of them have been tortured/mistreated.... and we end up loving them.