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Traditional Urinals

Gorgeous use of old mirrors above vanity. eclectic powder room by Joe Schmelzer, Inc. dba Treasurbite Studio, Inc.


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Japanese Toilets

This is a traditional type of toilet of Japan.@Theresa Soucie Worker is always a separate room for the toilet.


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Bobbies will be taught sharia law and the Koran in 'secret' plan to counter terror at local level

Policeman. Bobby ("peeler")


Apache Puberty Dress--it is interesting to me, that a desert tribe, would have the same accent of the womb, on their clothing, as the West Coast Northern tribes, ie.:the Eskimo, Aleut and some Inuit. They have a much larger area focused on, but the theme is there, testifying that tradition and belief systems are all connected.


Gallbladder | definition of gallbladder by Medical dictionary

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3 Unbelievably Creative Advertising Campaigns for Newcastle Brown Ale

3 Unbelievably Creative Advertising Campaigns for Newcastle Brown Ale Guerrilla Marketing Photo


In promotion with the new Spiderman film, many urinals were placed on the wall of male toilets for 'Spiderman'.

Urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria travel up the urethra and multiply in the bladder, causing symptoms such as burning urination, blood in the urine and low back pain. Honey in its many forms has been used as a traditional home remedy for urinary tract infections. Despite a lack of conclusive scientific evidence in its …