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fuckyeahtraditionaltattoos: Cassandra Frances - Leeds, UK


prefab-home-tind-ckr1 #architecture ☮k☮ #residential

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Curious George Birthday Decorations . Birthday Parties for Kids . PBS Parents

Curious George Birthday Decorations . Birthday Parties for Kids . PBS Parents | PBS

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Low-Mass Planar Photonic Imaging Sensor

Diagram A: Traditional Telescope replaced by SPIDER. Diagram B: Side view, exploded view, entrance baffle plate, lenslet array, card inner/outer spacer PIC array cards, card inner edge mount, rear mount plate. SPIDER is an innovative EO imaging sensor concept that replaces a traditional bulky optical telescope & focal plane w/ a low size, weight, & densely packed photonics interferometer array.

20 Best Tattoos of the Week – Aug 14th to Aug 20th, 2013 (3)

A Ritchey–Chrétien telescope is a specialized variant of the Cassegrain telescope that has a hyperbolic primary mirror and a hyperbolic secondary mirror designed to eliminate off-axis optical errors . The RCT has a wider field of view free of optical errors compared to a more traditional reflecting telescope configuration. Since the mid 20th century, a majority of large professional research telescopes have been Ritchey–Chrétien configurations; some well-known examples are the Hubble Space…

New Service! The Library of Things offers non-traditional items for checkout—such as board games, robots, and telescopes. Based on patron suggestions, we have selected items that will serve our community’s needs. Items include microscopes, computer programming toys, and children’s games like Candy Land and Connect 4. There'll also be games for adults, like Carcassonne and Apples to Apples. Patrons may check out items for 2 weeks.


The original U-2 spyplane cockpit, which used traditional dials and a large “driftsight” telescope to help the pilot see the landscape below. Photo: U.S. Air Force, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.

"Dogon Mask Dance" [Mali], by mobilevirgin, via Flickr. Love the use of all the shells; at least I assume those are shells.

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Spiral Galaxy Hubble Telescope Cross Stitch pattern PDF - EASY chart with one color per sheet And traditional chart! Two charts in one

Magnificent Spiral Galaxy from the Hubble Telescope cross stitch pattern for your favorite space cadet. Our charts are unlike any other available! Each color is on a separate page that only shows a symbol where that color is to be stitched. The rest of the chart on that page is blank. Youll be amazed how easy it is! A second complete chart is also included with all symbols together just like other commercial charts. You are actually getting two charts in one! This chart uses 30 DMC colors…