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Navy Asanoha Japanese cotton fabric


An Illustrated and Illuminated Ottoman Double-Sided Album Page: A Rose and Nightingale, Signed by 'Abdullah Bukhari, 18th century


Pictures of the day: 22 April 2014

Women in traditional costumes are sprayed with water by men as members of the Marghareta Dance Group perform Easter folk traditions in the Museum Village in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary. According to tradition, young men pour water on young women who in exchange present their sprinklers with beautifully coloured eggs on Easter Monday.

from Easy Garden Irrigation

Rain Bird Maxi-Paw Pop Up Impact Sprinkler

From - Impact sprinklers are the traditional type of lawn sprinkler, designed over 80 years ago by Rain Bird to keep lawns lush and green, still have there place today in the garden irrigation world. The type pictured is a pop up impact sprinkler.


Three bird and flower studies, one signed Muhammad Hadi, dated 1167 AH/1753 AD, Persia, Qajar, 18th/19th century | Lot | Sotheby's


McLaren Production Centre - Integrated structure and servicing strategy: In the tradition of such Foster & Partners projects as Stansted Airport, the structure and servicing have been integrated into a series of “trees”. The paired primary beams integrate a rainwater gutter, an 800mm-diameter air duct, as well as compressed air and water and power supply. Power points and jet diffusers are integrated into the tree “trunks”. The secondary beams support light fittings and sprinklers.