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Traditional Playpens

This is the quintessential basic travel cot. It comes at a great price, but also comes with the one main frustration that most people find with traditional travel cots - putting it up and down. It’s worth talking you through this if you’ve never done it before, because there is one very simple rule to remember that sorts the whole process out instantly; the base of the cot MUST NOT be fully flattened out if you’re wanting to erect or collapse the sides. It is thoroughly counterintuitive…

the floor itself is intended to be used as one continuous desk, while four recessed stations provide a more traditional workspace. Tarabta Studio by Taranta Creations


1-year-old PROOFED! Childproof your Christmas tree without putting it inside a tacky playpen! *Materials: 3 wooden garden fence panels ($5 at Home Depot); 6 right-angle chips from a 2x4 (the Home Depot Cutting Center has these for FREE!); zip ties. *Instructions: saw off the extra-long ground posts from each panel. Nail/glue 2 right angle chips to back of each panel (we chose to have the points DOWN...just in case). Zip tie panels together (fence should now stand on its own). Now Decorate!