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Traditional kid friendly kitchens

The best thing you can make with canned tuna! Budget friendly, kid friendly tuna patties on


The Best Kids Science Experiments to Try at Home

I started writing this yesterday with the idea of sharing the best kids science experiments to do at home. For you, of course. But also partly as a reminder for myself since Maia has a birthday coming


Fresh Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Those are cool chairs! Totally *not* kid-friendly, but I like the two-tone effect. Also, that light fixture is sweet.


South African Banana Bread

South African Banana Bread A delicious traditional South African recipe for banana bread! Kid friendly too!


Quick and simple banana, apple and cinnamon muffins, perfect for baby led weaning and traditional weaning methods - ready in under 20 minutes!


80 of the Best Kid-Friendly Recipes

Kids love macaroni and cheese, pizza, and lasagna, but the same old recipe gets boring for kids and adults. Mix things up with reinvented recipes and spins on the traditional and try one of these dishes. Tried and tested by moms, these recipes are sure to become new family favorites


10 Easy Pieces: Architects' Go-To Traditional Kitchen Faucets

Chicago Faucets Unlacquered Brass Faucet | Remodelista "Unable to find a budget-friendly, unlacquered brass faucet (who wants to spend $1,500 for a cabin?)," they said, "we instead used a trusty Chicago Faucet design in chrome and had the plating removed. The whole thing cost a tenth of the alternative."